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DIY Custom Dye Discs

Do you want to paint your discs yourself? Then you have come to the right place. Here you will find a large selection of glossy white discs in premium plastic which take particularly well against colour. You will also find polyester color which is particularly suitable for painting discs.

DIY Custom Dye Discs

Should you try painting your discs yourself? Then you will find here a large selection of white discs in premium plastic that take the color particularly well. Custom Dye of disc golf discs is the English term for painting your discs yourself. Disc is made of plastic and many of them can therefore be painted with special paint for the purpose. You can of course also find the paint here on the page. Regardless of whether you are a professional, an experienced hobbyist or a beginner, there is plenty of opportunity to give your discs new life.

Color your own discs yourself

When you choose to paint your discs yourself, you have the opportunity to create a disc with a completely unique visual expression. There are plenty of good guides online so you can easily get started at home. To get started, you just need a white disc, some paint and a base for the paint, which you can read more about in the many online guides. There are many different techniques, with some using a glue and others using shaving foam.

Suitable plastic types for painting

At Disc Tree we have a large selection of colorless disc golf discs that are specially designed to be painted. When it comes to customizing and coloring your discs, the choice of plastic type is crucial to achieving the best results. Premium plastic types such as ESP are known for their ability to absorb color evenly and maintain color intensity over time. These types of plastic are not only durable and resistant to scratches, but they also ensure that the applied color does not fade quickly, even after intensive use on the track. Choose from discene in this collection and you can be sure to achieve a good result.

Discs painted by professionals

For some, painting discs develops into more than a hobby. At Disc Tree we collaborate with some of these talented artists, and you can therefore find a selection of completely unique discs that have already been painted . Do you want a disc of which only one is guaranteed to exist? Then you must have a custom dye disc.