Disc golf putters

A disc golf putter is one of the most important discs on the disc golf course. Whether you can throw 40 or 120 meters, it is the same for everyone that the disc should be in the basket in the end. This is where the putter comes into play. The putter is used at the end of each hole when the hole is to be closed and you have to hit the basket.

At Disc Tree we always have a great selection of discs and once you have found your next putter you can also see all our midranges, fairway drivers and distance drivers. As a new disc golf player you can also find a putter in one of our beginner-friendly discgolf starter set or a disc golf basket for training at home in the garden.

Which disc golf putter should I choose?

When choosing the putter you want to put your trust in, the most important thing is that it fits well in your hand. It may take some time to find the right one, and many experienced players have tried a number of different putters over time. Initially, it's a matter of diving into it, and along the way you can get inspired by what other players on the field have in their bags.