En Innova kurv foran en sø med et enkelt højt bjerg i baggrunden


American Innova is one of the most popular brands in disc golf with a large range of discs and bags. They are also one of the oldest manufacturers and are behind several classics, such asAvian,TeebirdandDestroyer.


Innova is a disc golf brand with a long history and among the world's largest manufacturers of disc golf discs, bags and equipment. They opened in 1983 in the USA and the company which is colloquially called Innova has the full name Innova Champion Discs Inc. Under the slogan The Choice of Champions, Innova makes discs that are used by players from beginners to professional disc golfers. 

Popular Innova discs

Innova has a number of golf discs which over time have gained a special status among disc golfers worldwide. In particular, their Innova Destroyer distance driver become fixtures in the bag of players who throw far. Of fairway driveres, their Innova Firebird is very popular, and is also made in special signature versions that both players and collectors love. Of midranges the list of popular Innova discs is long, and here Roc, Roc3 and Mako3 are among the best known. Last but not least, the legendary Innova Aviar putter which is said to have won the most world championships of all putters on the market. 

Innovate plastic types

Innova has a number of different plastic types which range from basic plastic with a lower durability to premium plastic which is incredibly strong. Each type of plastic has its justification and can be used for different things, where putters are usually made in basic plastic while drivers are typically preferred in premium plastic. 

The primary premium plastic types at Innova are Star which is a slightly softer plastic, and Champion which is a harder and transparent plastic. The Champion plastic has some additional subcategories which are Blizzard Champion and Metal Flake Champion. Blizzard is a lightweight plastic which due to small air bubbles in the edge looks like it is frozen and Metal Flake which has some very small metal pieces in it. 

Of basic plastics, the most popular is the DX plastic, but also Innovas Pro plastic has over time been many people's preferred plastic for especially putters.

Team Innova players

A number of very well known players have played for team Innova and represented Innova on the international stage. Most famous is Ken Climo who in his time at Innova won 12 world championships and is recognized as one of the best players ever. The most famous Danish disc golf player KJ Nybo has in his career also represented Innova. 

Innova Flight Chart

Due to their long history, Innova also has a large selection of discs. For that reason, their flight chart is split so that there is one for putters and midranges as well as one for drivers. 

Innova flight chart for putters Innova flight chart for drivers and midranges

On Innova's own website you can read more about Innova and their products as well as news.

Large selection from other manufacturers

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