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Discraft Ledgestone Open Discs

The Ledgestone Open is one of the largest and most famous disc golf tournaments in the world. With Discraft as the main sponsor, there is a tradition that different series of very special Discraft discs in Ledgstone editions are published every year. These are discs in plastic types that are not normally issued and with extra nice stamps.

Discraft Ledgestone Open Disc Golf

The Ledgestone Open is one of the biggest disc golf tournaments in the world and since 2011 it has been held every year in the USA. The Ledgestone Open is known for being one of the most prestigious tournaments to win and at the same time it is one of the tournaments where there is the most money at stake for the players. The Ledgestone Open has been a regular stop on the American Disc Golf Pro Tour since 2016, and with Discraft as one of the tournament's sponsors, it has become a firm tradition that a number of very special Discraft discs are released every year in connection with the tournament.

Discraft Ledgestone Limited Edition Discs

Discraft is one of the oldest and most popular disc golf brands in the world. That is why their special editions of disc golf discs for the Ledgestone Open are also considered something very special. Every year they release a mix of their most popular molds in new exciting plastic types with some very special stamps. The discs are released in limited editions and are therefore often highly sought after by both collectors and players worldwide.

Ledgestone Open and DGLO disc golf discs

Along with Discraft, other major brands are also part of Ledgestone open. You will therefore also find individual discs from, among others, DGA. At the same time, the Ledgestone Open is not the only one of the really big tournaments with Discraft as a sponsor and to this comes the Discraft Great Lakes Open, from which there are also single special discs.

Large selection of special discs at Disc Tree

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