et sammenklippet billede af disc golferen Paul McBeth med teksten "6x" henover nogle af hans discs

Paul McBeth 6X Claw 2023 release

Paul McBeth er for mange den bedste disc golf spiller i nyere tid. Det er blandet andet kommet til udtryk ved, at han hele 6 gange har vundet verdensmesterskabet. 6X Claw serien er en serie på 12 discs med særlige stamps der udkommer som en hyldest af det 6. disc golf verdensmesterskab som Paul vandt i 2022.

Paul McBeth 6X Claw

With the 6X Claw series of discs Discraft pays tribute to Paul McBeth and his achievements in 2022 both on and off the court. The crowning achievement was the victory at PDGA's Pro World Championship - the official world championship of disc golf. The victory at the world championship in 2022 is Paul McBeth's 6th title as world champion and at the beginning of 2023 a total of 12 discs will be released with a new 6X Claw stamp to celebrate the 6-time world champion. The series will only be published this one time as a limited edition.

The road to Paul McBeth's 6th PDGA World Championship

Paul McBeth is recognized as one of the very best disc golf players in the history of the sport. Maybe even the best ever. In addition to the 6 world championships, Paul McBeth has another 4 second places from the world championships and thus a total of 10 times as number 1 or 2. He is only surpassed by Ken Climo who during the 1990s and 2000s won a total of 12 world championships in disc golf.

Many thought that Paul McBeth would win his 6th World Championship title in 2021, but he had to see himself beaten in a playoff after James Conrad forced the playoff on the 18th hole in the last round by throwing his disc into the chains from 75 meters away. James Conrad had to have the disc in the basket to prevent Paul McBeth from winning, and he did. The throw has subsequently become known as "The Holy Shot" and perhaps the most important throw in the history of the disc golf world championships.

Paul Mcbeth had to wait until 2022 instead and here too it ended in a playoff but this time against Aaron Gossage. The first hole in the playoff was decisive after Aaron's throw ended OB and Paul could therefore be crowned 2022 PDGA Pro World Champion.

Design and release of the new discs

The design of the new discs is clearly inspired by the original 4X Claw series and a reference to Paul McBeth's nickname "McBeast". The total 6X Claw release contains 2 series of discs which come with a McBeast stamp and a PM Series with a slightly more muted Claw stamp.

The original 4X Claw discs were released in 2019 with a reference to Paul's 4 titles as world champion at the time. Later in 2019, Paul won his 5th World Championship title, and this became the background for the release of the 5x Claw series in 2020. Both 4X and 5X discs are highly sought after and they are sold second hand among both players and collectors for very high prices.

6X Claw Paul McBeth McBeast Series

With the new 6X Claw series, it is the first time that Discraft prints McBeast on signature discs for Paul McBeth. The McBeast stampede is released on the disc Vulture, Heat, Zone, Buzzz, Force, and Undertaker.

Discraft paul mcbeth 6x claw

6X Claw Paul McBeth PM Series

In addition to the McBeast disc, at Paul's request, the PM series of discs will also be released with a new design in a single standing release. These discs also carry a 6X Claw stamp with reference to previous editions of the series, albeit a bit more subdued. Here you can find discene Luna, Zeus, Anax, Malta, Hades and Athena.